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We present to you a very interesting game "QWOP" which gained its popularity around the world due to its complexity and funny gameplay. The game fully describes the difficulty sports. "QWOP" has realistic physics and the most detailed model of the athlete, everything in this game is very close to reality. The main purpose of the developers, was to show that is not that easy to sit on the other side of the screen watching Olympic games and shouting:” I would have done better!”. It always seems that a sportsman can swim, run and jump much better if he puts a little more effort. Easy to say such thing a viewer! So, Bennett FODD created great game to give you a chance to participate in Olympic Games. In this game you will control a runner in a stadium. QWOP is simulator of running and other disciplines of athletics, you have to control an athlete running on a short or long distance and jump over obstacles (100 m distance). At first glance, everything is simple, but in fact running even 2-3 meters may seem an impossible task. Try to beat the world record in this funny game! Use four elements of control to get to the finish line. Each of the four keys controls various muscles. We need to get ready to compete and to adequately address them. To do this, you need to control his feet. To the left and right of the screen there are tapas-diamonds, which show the positions of the feet (right and left, respectively). Moving icons around the rhombus, the runner will take the right foot position, therefore, it`s completely up to you whether or not to run, do not be afraid to experiment. You control each leg of an athlete individually. In the beginning it is very difficult, and you will most likely fail- the athlete will fall from the first step, but very soon you will get trained with virtual athlete and will be able to win any competition! You can help QWOP achieve their sporting dreams! You just need to show him how to get started. And whatever you do, do not let the body touch the ground! To control the character, use: "Q" allows you to move one hip forward and the other back, "W affects" the opposite of "Q". "O" allows you to move forward one calf, and the other - back, "P" opposite effect "O". Press "W and O" and hold, until you start to move forward. Press "Q and P" and hold, until you start to move forward. Try to alternate shortcuts "WO" and "QP". So you can run. Avoid falling. If you feel that a runner can lose balance and fall, wait a second or two and let it sway slightly back and forth. Then press the "W" key simultaneously with the "P" to avoid falling.

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